Hello Tigers!

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That’s it, the new collection is on line!!
Avalon, Stellar, Nova and all the other jewels are waiting for you on the ‘’boutique’’ page of the website.

Months of work, trials, changes, learning new techniques, meeting awesome craftsmen… All the chains are now gold platted in a parisian workshop, so they don’t deteriorate and they keep their shine. The rest is totally hand-made with love by me, from the acrylic laser cut, to the assembling of your futur jewels!

To understand better this collection’s spirit, I’ve concocted a little moodboard made of images and references that have inspired me :

Minerals of all kinds that have injected their shapes to a lot of my new models.

Color : vibrating, intense, exploding! It’s everywhere, in the travels that I’ve made, in the countries I would love to go, in the luxurious ethnic outfits of Valentino and the furiously baroque ones of Dolce & Gabbana.

The science-fiction movies, a little kitsch nevertheless cult, they lulled my childhood and extensively inspired this collection. Have fun trying to find futuristic cities’ skylines or spaceships’ outlines in these new pieces, and jump into the skin of the science-fiction princesses and warriors that have inspired me!

I hope you will like this new collection as much as I had pleasure to create it!

GrrRRrrrr Love